Leadership 2030 is an intensive two-year fellowship program in which various cohorts of young Hellenes will have an opportunity to dramatically improve both their knowledge and skills base, be given mentorship opportunities that will further both their professional development and civic engagement, and will be given multiple opportunities to begin leading now.

Meet our current Leadership 2030 Fellows

Leadership 2030 in Action

At its midway point, our first Leadership 2030 class has surpassed all expectations. Our fellows have aggressively participated in our advocacy agenda, playing key roles in our campaigns to block F35 jet sales to Turkey and ending the unjust arms embargo on the Republic of Cyprus.

Our fellows also participated in the first ever #FromAthenstoJerusalem delegation with their counterparts from the American Jewish Committee. Meeting with political and civic leaders in Greece, Cyprus and Israel, they were able to send the message that the Greek lobby has a young and deep bench.

Finally, our fellows accepted the challenge to promote Hellenism through public education, and they did so with flair. Whether it was telling the story of OXI Day via a mock episode of Meet the Press from liberated Athens in the 1940’s, to being regularly featured on our Greek Current podcast, to being a constant presence on social media, Leadership 2030 fellows have already developed distinct voices.

Become a Leadership 2030 Fellow

Leadership 2030 Fellows participate in a 12-course leadership curriculum over two years,  attend annual advocacy trips to Washington D.C., and consistently participate in HALC’s communication strategy through publishable blog posts and social media postings. Leadership 2030 fellows must be age 30 or younger at time of selection and have completed an undergraduate degree. 

In addition to the program above, Leadership 2030 Fellows will be given the following:

  • Each Fellow will be assigned a personal mentor from HALC’s core membership.

  • Fellows will be grouped by profession and assigned to an emeritus mentor, a Hellene over 60 who is both accomplished professionally and civically active.

  • The access and benefits of a HALC Diamond Membership.

  • Special networking and educational opportunities.

Leadership 2030 New York & New Jersey

We are now looking to building on the success of our first Leadership 2030 class and expand the program to incorporate young talented Hellenes in New York City and New Jersey.

We will accept applications through end of January 2019, decisions will go out in February, and the program will kick off in March.

If you are interested in applying to the program, please email Director of Public Affairs Thanos Davelis for more information at